Project Manager

Mária Málková

Mária is the newest team member who has just joined the BOAR team. She will assist the team with the EU grant guidelines and rules, maintaining the schedule and all project documentation.

Mária Málková is a Project Manager and Grant Specialist at the Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences. After finishing her bachelor degree in business administration in Slovakia, she travelled to Sydney to study Master of International Business at University of Western Sydney. She obtained her second Master’s degree in European Business at Ecole Supérieur de Commerce, Le Havre, France. After finishing her overseas studies, she has moved to Prague to start working in research institutions in grant departments. Her experience in National Institute of Mental Health, where she was a part of the European project, has prepared her for the administration position in the BOAR project.

At the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS, Mária’s role is to coordinate the grant agendas of the institution, provide information about national and European grant opportunities and assist researchers with project proposals, implementation and reporting. In the BOAR project, she has the administrative role of supporting the Principal Investigator and the entire team.

Mária is looking forward to her new role in the project and is eager to catch up quickly to become a worthy team member.



2002 | Master’s degree. ESC Le Havre, France: Master of European Business
2001 | Master’s degree. University of Western Sydney, Sydney: Master of International Business