Project Manager

Adéla Ottová

Adéla is the team member who knows the rules and follows the guidelines, oversees schedules and keeps people to deadlines, and overall works to supervise the implementation of BOAR project design. She believes that management is essentially about ‘having things done’. 

Adéla Ottová is a Project Manager and Grant Specialist at the Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences. She obtained her master’s degree in Pedagogy (Teaching of French language and History for high schools) at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. While being fond of teaching, Adéla began her career working as an executive assistant at a French scientific institution in Prague, receiving experience in project administration and the coordination and communication of scientific events. Looking for further challenges, Adéla decided to focus her skills on the task of project management which led to her joining the BOAR project.

At the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS, Adéla coordinates grant agendas, provides information on national and European funding for research projects, and advises researchers on preparation of project proposals, project implementation and reporting. Within the BOAR project, she also provides administrative support for the PI and the entire team.

In addition to her passion for time management, creating excel tables and manuals, and organizing events, Adéla loves travelling, French culture and baking all kind of desserts. She never says no to any good meal.



2017 | Master’s degree. Secondary school teaching: French language, History
         Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague
         Buquoy Aristocratic Family, History and Cultural Legacy in Bohemia
2014 | Bachelor’s degree. Specialization in Pedagogy: French language, History
         Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague
         History and Present of Algeria. Development of French Language