31. 10. 2022

“Pig Worlds” – Call for Papers

Members of the ERC BOAR team are putting out a Call for Papers for the panel, ‘Pig worlds: understanding porcine multiplicity in the Anthropocene’ to be held at ‘Relations and Beyond’: Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society in Rovaniemi, Finland, 21st-23rd March 2023 Anthropology Conference 2023 ( Please find the panel abstract below.

The deadline for submission is 30th November 2022. We welcome submissions from disciplines beyond anthropology and the social sciences. And encourage porcine stories told through different forms, whether oral presentations, photography/film, sound, or art.

We invite you to submit your paper proposal to either of the panel chairs [Kieran O’Mahony (omahony [at], Paul G. Keil (keil [at], or Virginie Vaté (virginie.vate [at]], as well as copying in the conference organisers  (finnanthro [at] Please use the email subject “Paper abstract Pig Worlds” and include the following information:

  • Title of the paper
  • Name of the panel
  • Name and contact address
  • Paper abstract, max. 250 words

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact


Pig worlds: understanding porcine multiplicity in the Anthropocene

Living as co-symbionts with humans for millennia, pigs are highly adaptable beings. Enacted in multiple ways, they are a ‘diaspora’ constituted through diverse social, ecological, and historical relations. There is no single Sus Scrofa kind, rather, pigs are a kaleidoscope of bodies, capacities, identities, and subjectivities, engaged with by humans as meat, game, pests, ecological engineers, homely companions, medical surrogates, and spiritual relatives. They are great disruptors, challenging the moral, ethical, and spatial (b)orders humans devise to differentiate the im/pure, un/desirable, or domestic/wild.

Porcine subjects offer a multifaceted set of human-nonhuman interactions and perspectives that benefit anthropological comparison. Their multiplicity also enables us to articulate the precarity, contradictions, and patchiness of the Anthropocene. Porcine ways of being are dramatically afforded and constrained during this era. While some have proliferated through colonial expansion, climatic transformation, industrial capitalism, and plantation ecologies, others are threatened by these shifting conditions. Pigs are embroiled in contemporary anthropological concerns, such as emergent pathogenic ecologies, destructive global infrastructures, and other-than-human necropolitics.

This session explores the multiplicity of pig worlds, storying their lives and relations, and their limits. Following the generalist tendencies of pigs, we welcome submissions from all disciplines. Contributions might unfold in or between forests, farms, cities, abattoirs, laboratories or homes, and reside in the material and spiritual. We invite empirical narratives, and ontological, epistemological, and ethical provocations. Thinking through difference, querying hegemonic discourse, reconceptualising their presences in the Anthropocene, the session seeks to probe ways we can understand and reconceptualise such beings, their relations and beyond.